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Balkan Underdogs is a 'not for profit' UK registered dog rescue charity made up of volunteers dedicated to helping the street dogs of the Balkans (the region around Serbia & Romania). Find out more about Balkan Underdogs here.

Why adopt from us?
There is no animal welfare in the Balkans and dogs are frequently abandoned and left to fend for themselves; often before the age of 5 months. These 'street dogs' rarely live long, are cruelly treated by strangers, poisoned and left to die. Worse, they could be picked up by dog catchers and taken to 'kill shelters' where they face inhumane treatment, torture and, ultimately, death.

Our small rescue team are fighting to make a difference to some of these dogs. Despite awful starts in life, these dogs have so much love to give. By fostering or adopting a Balkan Underdog you are saving a life, a real rescue.

Two of our trustees in Serbia 2018. Sadly Gizma (left) never made it and passed away. 

Its November! And that means Jackson is our special pup for the month! Jackson is approximately 2 and a half to 3 years old and is one of the best cuddlers we know. He is a also a very obedient dog who just adores people and other dogs. Sadly though, people have not been kind to Jackson and  he has been often abused whilst living on the streets. One of the injuries as a result resulted in a crack in his ear. Jackson is now safe and happy, though he wants to let you know he isn't too sure about cats, and he has completed his titres and is ready to travel. 

If you are interested in adopting Jackson, please fill in an online adoption form or contact us for more information.

Take a look at some of our success stories to get an idea of what it's like adopting a dog from Balkan Underdogs.

Dog of the Month: Jackson

Many of the dogs that we rescue are cared for in a pension, where they live with our rescuers until we can find them loving homes. The high number of stray and abandoned dogs in the Balkans means that we don't have enough space in pension to take them all in to a house (although we would love to!) Instead, to ensure that we can keep as many dogs safe from injury, abuse and disease we keep them safe in our pound. Here they are kept sheltered with clean warm kennels,  fresh straw and blankets, nutritious food, medical attention and of course, they are given lots of affection and socialisation! Our pound dogs go through the same health and care that our pension pups do, and eventually undergo titre testing, vaccination and are spayed or neutered before they are found loving forever homes. 

Pledge one pound for a pound dog!

Just £1 a month would enable us to rescue them from the street without the need to find immediate sponsors.

The high number of dogs that are in desperate need of help means that we need more donations to allow us to take in more dogs. Please help us help the, by pledging just £1 a month.  We are inundated with puppies requiring vaccines to save them from cruel diseases.

You can make regular payments using our donate now button on the Facebook page or website, or by paypal to balkanunderdogs@gmail.com or by STO to sort code 87-37-29 account 77333460.


Please label your donation "friends of BU" and remember to fill in the gift aid form included in the comments to ensure we can claim the tax relief on your donation making it £1.25. Please return gift aid form to balkanunderdogs@gmail.com.

Your £1 can help us make a HUGE difference!

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