Adopt a dog

Found a dog you like the look of? Fill in the form below in as much detail as possible to start the adoption process. Your address is required so we can find a home checker near to you and your phone number will let us call you to discuss your application and home check if needed. By providing details such as the height of fencing, security around the property, hours the dog is likely to be left alone and what kind of experience you have with dogs, we are able to give you and idea of whether you will pass the home check or not. Missing out such information can result in delays which we know you would rather avoid. That isn't to say these things will stop you adopting, but we would need to know how you would keep your dog safe if next to a busy road, if you would have a dog walker and what measures you would take to ensure the dog is sufficiently looked after. You don't have to have loads of experience with dogs either, but due to the nature of our rescue some dogs need more experience that others - we would be able to advise on this and match you with a more suitable dog if we feel the dog you have chosen is one of these (it will say in the description though).  You should hear from us within 48 hours of making an application after which a home-checker will contact you. You will be asked to produce ID and Vets details at home-check so please have these to hand. 

Privacy Statement: 

I understand that by completing this form, Balkan Underdogs will process my information. Should my application be considered, the details supplied will be passed to the Animal Team (Registered Charity 1167277) or volunteer organisation Millies Mutts to enable a home checker to contact me and arrange a convenient time to visit my home address. If my application is unsuccessful no personal information will be held by Balkan Underdogs or shared to the Animal Team/Millies Mutts.

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