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Thousands of dogs are abandoned to the streets of the Balkans each year. We can't save them all but we can do our best and help as many as possible but we need your help.

There are so many costs involved with running a dog rescue; from the basics of food and shelter to vaccinations, transport and neutering. We also run our spay/neuter campaign to reduce the number of unwanted pets and prevent more pups being born on the streets.

You can make a donation in a number of ways, although we prefer to use Total Giving: unlike other providers, 100% of the donation comes to us and gift aid is taken care of - just tick 'yes' for the gift aid option if you pay tax! Please have a look at the donation options below (monthly, one off and choose your own amount). Balkan Underdogs is immensely grateful for all donations no matter how small.


For our national fundraising campaign, July will be carboot month! Please contact us to find or hold a carboot sale in your area.


LANKYCOW have created a particularly special chopping board where 100% of the proceeds go to Balkan Underdogs.

Chupko Dog Bandanas come in a different fabrics and sizes. All proceeds are donated to BU

Teddy, no longer the underdog and other animal rescue poems. Order your copy here now.

We've registered for the Perkins Half Marathon in Peterborough on 8th October 2017. We have created a team - Balkan Underdogs - if anyone wishes to join or sponsor us.

Make a donation:

£1 a month
Become a friend of BU by donating just £1 a month, if enough people donate this tiny amount, it can make a huge in getting dogs to safety
£3 a month
£5 a month

Many of the dogs that we rescue are cared for in a pension, where they live with our rescuers until we can find them loving homes. The high number of stray and abandoned dogs in the Balkans means that we don't have enough space in pension to take them all in to a house (although we would love to!) Instead, to ensure that we can keep as many dogs safe from injury, abuse and disease we keep them safe in our pound. Here they are kept sheltered with clean warm kennels,  fresh straw and blankets, nutritious food, medical attention and of course, they are given lots of affection and socialisation! Our pound dogs go through the same health and care that our pension pups do, and eventually undergo titre testing, vaccination and are spayed or neutered before they are found loving forever homes. 

Pledge one pound for a pound dog!

Just £1 a month would enable us to rescue them from the street without the need to find immediate sponsors.

The high number of dogs that are in desperate need of help means that we need more donations to allow us to take in more dogs. Please help us help the, by pledging just £1 a month.  We are inundated with puppies requiring vaccines to save them from cruel diseases.

You can make regular payments using our donate now button on the Facebook page or website, or by paypal to or by STO to sort code 87-37-29 account 77333460.


Please label your donation "friends of BU" and remember to fill in the gift aid form included in the comments to ensure we can claim the tax relief on your donation making it £1.25. Please return gift aid form to

Your £1 can help us make a HUGE difference!

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