About the adoption process

Firstly, thank you for considering one of our pups. As you may have gathered,

there is no animal welfare in Eastern Europe and no local 'Dog's Trust' promising

to keep them alive and well until a home is found.


Step 1: Choose your dog

The first step in the process is to identify which dog you would like to adopt! If you

can't find one that meets your requirements then please don't give up, there are

so many dogs on the streets and many more than can be featured on our site. So

drop us a message and we'll see if we can find your perfect match.


Step 2: Apply

The next step is to complete an application form or get in touch to discuss

adopting a Balkan rescue. Please fill in the form in as much detail as possible

to make sure there are no hold ups in the process. If you have any concerns

about your suitability, please get in touch and we will see what we can do for you.


Step 3: Review

Your application has been received! One of our team of volunteers will go through

your application to ensure your home meets our basic requirements and will be in

touch to arrange a home check.


Step 4: Home check

The home check is an all important part of the adoption process. One of our volunteers will be in touch to arrange a mutually convenient time to check that your home is suitable and to go through topics and issues that you may not have considered when adopting a rescue dog. Toxic plants in the garden, for example, or common behavioural complaints such as separation anxiety and preventing or managing it.


Following a successful home check, your dog will be reserved. We will invite you to join our very active Facebook community where you will find support from adopters and our volunteers. It is a lovely family friendly group where people share stories about their BU rescues, seek advice and more.


Step 5: Transport  

With the home check completed and your offer of adoption accepted and confirmed, we will begin the transport process and tell you when you can expect your new family member to arrive in the UK (unless in UK foster). If your dog has not already been neutered, you can ask for this to be done at this stage. Although, especially with females, we do advise that this is done in the UK due to different veterinary practices (Balkan vets only tie the tubes).  


We use a reputable transporter for all our rescue dogs and all dogs will come with their own passport complete with evidence of vaccinations and flea/tick treatment.


Step 6: Donation and collection

Balkan Underdogs does not charge an adoption fee. We just ask for a donation to cover the costs for your dog. This includes transport, micro-chipping, vaccinations, titre test, passport, flea/tick and worm treatment.

The cost for a dog being adopted from the Balkans is £295 plus £50 deposit to be paid on successful home 
The cost for a cat being adopted from the Balkans is £100 plus £50 deposit to be paid on successful home check.

Your donation must be made prior to transport and paid directly to Balkan Underdogs and we forward all transport money for dogs in a lump sum to book the required spaces. Typically between 5 and 10 of our dogs come over on each trip. 


You can then collect your chosen animal from various locations around the UK. 

If your chosen animal is being fostered in the UK the cost is £300 for a dog, £200 if they are being rehomed. Don't worry if they are not being fostered locally to yourselves, we can help with transport.

You can make this donation through our website TotalGiving (preferred), by bank transfer or through the PayPal website (send to balkanunderdogs@gmail.com). Please ensure you send to family/friends to avoid commercial deductions.



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