• Alan had been roaming on the streets for some considerable time. Our lovely rescuer noticed him in a school yard and was concerned about him as he had a front paw injury but when she went back the next day to rescue him he had disappeared. However he turned up 4 months later and Alan was taken to see a vet. The vet thought that Alan had been born with a paw abnormality and was best left alone for the time being. BU have now consulted a UK Bone specialist who has stated that the paw abonamlity is classic brachial plexus injury post trauma. Usually this type of RTA with marked abduction (pulling away from the body) of the limb essentially tears the nerve bundle. The problem can  be transient but is usually permanent. Surgery on this type of issuedoes not tend to be successful, and physio has no effect. Some of these dogs get scuffed nails and pads so he might at some point need a bootee. Amputation would be the last resort, but Alan seems to be coping for now The vet also stated that Alan was blind in one eye due to an old injury. His sight is fine in the other eye.We think Alan is around 8 to 10 years old. He has been described as being a lovely friendly dog who loves people, other dogs, children and also appears to be cat friendly.

    Our eternal thanks to his lovely sponsors.

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