• Delta ended up in a public dog pound. She was unable to use her back legs and just sat in a middle of a cage and hardly moved. We moved Delta out of the pound as a matter of urgency and she was immediately taken to a vet for examination as she had also developed big wounds on her back legs. The vet recommended amputation of both back legs to avoid infection and sepsis. Delta has now fully recovered from her operation and will be learning to use wheels. She can also cope very well moving around the house without wheels. We think Delta is between one and two years old and has been described as being a very friendly dog. She loves people, is fine with other dogs and appears to be cat friendly, however Delta can be food agressive if other dogs are around at feeding time.

    Delta has been with Balkan Underdogs since December 2019, and she will soon be completing her titers.If you are interested in adopting Delta , please fill out an online application form, or contact us for more information.

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