• Djura was abandoned on the streets as a puppy. He followed people and children in the hope that someone would take him home, but sadly that never happened, and whilst he continued to live on the streets he developed a nasty skin problem. He then got kicked and pushed away by everyone. Just one lady felt sorry for Djura and she took him to a pension. In time she could not afford to pay his pension costs and one of our lovely rescuers decided to take Djura on before he was returned to the streets. He has now lived in a pension for 4 years and would love to be given the chance of finding a forever home. Djura has now fully recovered from his skin problem and has been described as a very loving dog who enjoys a cuddle and he is great with other dogs. He has been neutered and is now around 5 years old. If you are interested in adopting Djura please send fill out an online adoption form or contact us for more information.

    Djura has been with Balkan Underdogs Since July 2019, and will soon have completed his titres. Many thanks! 

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