• We think Dzambo was purchased by his original owner as a cute scruffy puppy. But this cute scruff kept growing and growing! We can only assume that his owner could no longer keep him, possibly due to his size, and discarded him onto the streets. He was just aimlessly roaming from one part of Belgrade to another, looking for food with nowhere to go. He kept accidentally wandering into other dogs territories. They were hostile towards him and chased him off. People were also scared of him, again possibly due to his size, and chased him away. We know this as people were posting about him on social media and our rescuer remembers his story. It was a very lonely existence for Dzambo. One kind lady fed him occasionally and Dzambo warmed to this lady and would wait around for her. Unfortunately other people noticed him hanging around and reported him to the dog catchers. Normally they use big nets and heavy hands to capture the dogs but Dzambo was so friendly and trusting that he allowed them to put a collar on him and led him to the back of their van. He was then taken to the public dog pound. It was in the pound that he caught the eye of one of our rescuers and she took him to a pension.

    Unfortunately here his enclosure is very small for him. He needs TLC and some nice long walks to burn some energy off. He has been attending some training sessions with a local dog trainer and is doing very well! The trainers 10 year old daughter absolutely loves him and takes him out for a walk by herself! He really is a very affectionate boy who loves his cuddles and is great with people and children. A home without cats is recommended. Poor Dzambo, his only crime was to grow too big and has been punished for his size too often. He really deserves a loving home to take care of him. He is around 4 to 5 years old and has been neutered. 

    If you are interested in adopting Dzambo, please fill out an online application form, or contact us for more information.

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