Dog of the Month: Jules

  • Jules is our Dog of the Month! 

    Jules was found in a remote mountain area, and was in a pretty bad state. His ribs were sticking out from hunger, and it looked like he had been attacked by some other dogs. Despite all this he still wandered over for a cuddle before he snacking on a bit of food.

    Jules is now safe in a pension and is approximately 3 years old. He's medium in build, full of energy, is very playful and enjoys his cuddles. He absolutley adores women (he's more obedient with men), and is good with children. He's fine with other dogs, but tends to bark at cats - so looking for a cat free home for him. 

    Jules has been with Balkan Underdogs since 2019. If you are interested in adopting Jules, please fill out an online application form, or contact us for more information.


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