• Meg was found wondering around a graveyard. It is a regular dumping ground for unwanted dogs and puppies. She was being regularly fed by one of our rescuers but then suddenly disappeared for a month or so. When Meg finally reappeared she was in a terrible state having lost considerable weight and most of her fur due to demodex which in turn caused body wounds from her constant scratching. Meg was taken for vet treatment and thanks to her lovely sponsors Meg was taken to a pension to enable her to recover and find a forever home. Meg has now more or less fully recovered and is around 2 to 3 years old and large in build. She has been spayed. She appears to get on well with the other dogs at the pension and Meg loves people!


    If you need any further information and are interested in adopting Meg please fill out an online adoption form or contact us for more information. many thanks, May 2019

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