• We think Nidza may be a mix of terrier. He was rescued as a puppy from the streets of the Balkans when he was just 4-5 months old with a badly broken front leg. This was in October 2012. His recovery from this took a considerable amount of time, and he had to have a rod implanted in his leg where he was unable to move for two months.

    Nidza is now 6 years old and hoping to find his forever home in the UK and to be finally given his chance of some happiness. He has been described as being a loving and smart dog who loves having a hug and a cuddle. He is fine with female dogs, but not males or cats. Nidza has been neutered and has completed his titres, and he can travel to the UK anytime. 

    If you are interested in adopting Nidza please fill out an online adoption form or contact us for more information. 

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