• Puddle was originally rescued from a rubbish dump near a very busy road in Serbia as a young kitten. He is now approximately two years old and is living in the UK. Puddle is fully vaccinated against flu, enteritis and leukemia and has been neutered .His colouring is grey and white. Sadly he has taken to bullying one cat living in the multi cat household where he is now which is totally out of his character as he gets on great with all the other cats who he adores. He is also great with dogs. Puddle has a very very loving personality and really cannot give enough love to anyone he meets. He loves a cuddle and a hug and loves his toys and playing with the other cats. Puddle has been an indoor cat and has not roamed free although he has had access to an outside cat run.


    If you n are interested in adopting Puddle please fill out an online application form or contact us formore information. Many thanks

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