• Brave boy Scooter was living by a busy roadside where unfortunately he was hit by a car, resulting in badly injured back legs – sadly when he was found Scooter was getting around by dragging his back two legs. One of them had to be subsequently amputated, but he has still got the use of his other back leg. Wheels were also used to aid his recovery, hence his name!

    Scooter is around 7 years old and he has been neutered. We think he is a terrier mix. Despite his disability, Scooter can still get around at speed, and has been described as being a very active dog by his rescuer. He loves to be around people and children and enjoys a cuddle and a hug. He is generally good with other dogs, although at times he can be dominant with certain dogs. He wouldn’t be suitable for a home with cats or chickens.

    Our eternal thanks to his sponsors for caring for Scooter and funding his pension. Scooter has been with Balkan Underdogs for some time now, since November 2018, and would love to find his own home – he has passed his titre tests and is ready to travel.

    If you are interested in adopting Scooter please fill out an online application form or contact us for more information. Many thanks! Aug 19



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