• Just look at those eyes! Handsome Soldier was rescued from an area where there are many unwanted stray dogs. He suddenly disappeared for a month, and when he turned up for his food, he seemed to have deteriorated and looked forlorn. Apart from being starving, he also had sores on his back, he seemed traumatised and scared of people and was not his usual happy self, so we can only imagine what might have happened to him during that time.

    Fortunately his caring sponsors have made it possible for us to move Soldier to a pension, where he is now getting back to being his former self and enjoying a cuddle and some much needed TLC. Now we just need to find this beautiful boy a loving, safe forever home!

    We think Soldier is around four to five years old, so if you are interested in giving this boy his happy ending, please fill out an online adoption form or contact us for more information. Many thanks.

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