• Handsome lad Zule was found in a remote mountain area where he had obviously been dumped. He was badly emaciated and sadly all his ribs were sticking out from hunger. We also think at some point he had been attacked by some other dogs. Despite all this, he wandered over for a cuddle from our rescuer, before grabbing a bit of food.

    Fortunately Zule is now back to full health and is living safely in a pension. He is approximately 2 and a half years old and medium in build. He is full of energy, very playful, enjoys his cuddles and adores women. He tends to be more obedient with men. Although Zule is fine with other dogs, he does bark at cats, so we are looking for a cat-free home for him. Zule has completed his titres and is ready to travel to the UK and meet his new family.

    If you think gorgeous Zule might be the boy for you, please fill out the online adoption form or contact us for more information. He’s waited patiently for a while now and really deserves his chance of a loving home. Many thanks.

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