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Wowser bowser! Just look at all these beautiful and happy furry faces! Welcome to our wonderful gallery of adopted dogs! Almost every little face here has experienced hardship, sadness, and the worry of where to sleep, what to eat and how to stay safe and alive.

These dogs are now happy because they have families who have pledged a solution to those worries. They are now loved, fed, kept warm, and safe. And in return they give their families unfaltering loyalty, love, joy, and reason to come home and play.

If you are thinking about opening your heart to a Balkan Underdog, and wondering whether you want an explosion of love in your life, read some of the testimonials below from our BU families!

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​Success stories

"I was petrified of dogs as a child, until we got a puppy when I was 10. Ever since then dogs have been a massive part of my life and now I couldn't ever imagine life without access to a dog! When my husband and I first met the time was just never right to get a dog of our own (we would cuddle everyone else's dogs!) But now the children are 6 & 2 we decided to start looking for a dog of our own as we both felt it was important for the children to be raised to be compassionate and have pets. I started following BU through a friend’s recommendation and for a while I was sharing posts when I could. Then one day a beautiful girl called Jemima caught my eye and stole my heart! At first I was quite tentative because I have young children and regularly have young children in my home, so I really needed some assurance that Jemima would be good with them, even though she looked like she wouldn’t hurt a fly. I contacted BU who placed Jemima with a wonderful foster family who carefully introduced Jemima to children and thankfully gave me the confirmation that she was a sweet and loving as she looked.


Jemima finally joined our family in March, Mothers Day to be precise- which was bitter sweet as when she was rescued, she was found to be pregnant and gave birth to a litter of puppies which sadly didn't make it. Two months in and Jemima settled unbelievably well. She loves the children who love her equally and she really is a firm member of our family. She’s also made a bit of an impression locally as a friend now has her own very special BU pup! Thank you to all at BU for all that you do as you have completed our family."

On behalf of all the dogs and rescuers here at BU, we would like to say a big, warm thank you to Mikki for her letter and for becoming a part of our family!

Mikki adopted sweet Jemima in early 2019. We asked her to write up her experience:


What our adopters have to say!

"knowing I am making such a life changing impact (for the better) on my little guys life makes me smile everyday. 10 weeks in and we are having so many adventures together. It's so rewarding and a win win for us both xx"

"I thought I was saving Daisy Belle. I was wrong- she saved me and changed my life so much for the better. She’s a thief though....stole my heart and won’t give it back xx"

I was anxious. As I didn't know really what I was getting. Of course I had reassurance from the charity but doesn't stop you thinking "Oh what if.."

He's young and excitable but he's such a good boy. Has been nothing but a joy. We still need to work on some small things but it's no bother.
I like to think he has a good life here. 

I've had him nearly 3 months now and so many people have commented on how it looks like I've had him years. He must come across as pretty relaxed, then! 

He brings so much joy to everyone he meets. He's a total goof ball. 

I love my Serbian goof!💚💚💚

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