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About Us

Balkan Underdogs is a not for profit UK registered charity made up of volunteers dedicated to helping the street dogs and cats in the Balkans.


As a responsible rescue, all of the dogs in our care undergo health screening and behaviour assessment. We medically treat any cat or dog that needs our help, and and have a full rescue back up policy. 

We understand that rescue is not just about rehoming cats and dogs, but reducing the street population.  We run a very successful Spay & Neuter Campaign in Serbia, offering a lifeline to locals as we provide access to clinics with free neutering & spaying. We have proven that our campaign has made a significant different to the number of strays being born into a life of neglect, abuse and danger.

As of summer 2022 we have  reached over 3000 spay and neuters! Which means we have prevented thousands of animals being born into a life of danger and disease with YOUR help.

Two Balkan Underdogs poking their heads out of the warm kennel in the public pound. Both dogs are happily adopted,

Sponsorship is vital to our work!

Your sponsorship helps us provide medicine, food and shelter. As a not for profit rescue, every penny is straight to the cause.

​Sponsorship is not only very rewarding, but allows us to help as many cats and dogs as we can. It's a great way to help if you aren't able to adopt a dog, and you'll receive regular updates from our team. 

Get in touch if you can help sponsor a cat or a dog

A shaggy black dog with sad eyes, in a pound. The dog is now adopted.
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