• Female, 1 years old
  • Medium build
  • Good with people and other dogs
  • Has food guarding issues- needs a patient owner willing to work with Bizzie
  • Very sweet and affectionate nature
  • Vaccinated, titre tested and spayed 
  • Full rescue back up and post-adoption support for life


  • At just a year old, Bizzie has had a very unfortunate life and has been through a lot. She was found in a terrible state - she was starving, skinny and the vet thinks that either she had been in some kind of car accident or that some person had thrown acid over her (photograph witheld). She has now received treatment for her ordeal and has now more or less fully recovered with just a few areas where the fur has not fully grown back. The vet also thinks that Bizzie may have had distemper at some point in her short life because her teeth have changed colour.

    Despite Bizzie's hard life, she is a very sweet natured dog, and she is fine with other dogs. However she can be food aggressive if there are other dogs around at feeding time, and this is something that can be solved with patience and training. Bizzie is currently receiving treatment for a runny nose.

    If you are interested in adopting Bizzie please fill out an online adoption form or contact us for more information.


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