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Older gent, around 7 years old


Gets on well with other dogs & is good with cats


Happy and friendly boy,  despite many years in the pound


  • About

    The handsome Romeo is one of seven dogs who worked his way quite easily into the hearts of our Trustees when they visited the shelter in October 23.

    He's a friendly fella who was just interested in new faces and what treats they may have!

    Romeo is friendly with the other dogs in his kennel enclosure and gets along with male and female dogs alike.Romeo is fully vaccinated and neutered.

    Can you believe that this gorgeous, friendly boy has spent five of his seven years in a Government pound? That just breaks our heart and we have to try to  make sure that the rest of his years are spent in a loving home.

    Many people think long termers must find adjustment to life in a home particularly hard, but honestly, our long termers just seem to know that they have landed on their feet in a cushy new home and, in the main, we find it’s quite the opposite to what people expect!

    All our dogs are tested for the following prior to travel: Heartworm, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis (since 11th June 2021).

    Rescue back up for life

    If you are interested in adopting  Romeo  please register your interest here or contact us for more information


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