Spay & Neuter Campaign

Its not enough to simply rescue cats and dogs from a harsh and dangerous life on the streets. 

At Balkan Underdogs we are proud of our Spay & Neuter Project, its the biggest of its kind in the Balkans but there is still a long way to go. 

We often see horrific pictures & hear bad things about people in the Balkans & what they do to animals, but no one hears the everyday animal lovers cries for help that aren't rescuers. These are people who care & take in animals off the street into their homes, or want to make a difference in their own country but have little money in a struggling country, with fewer jobs & little prospects. These are the silent rescuers & this is where we help.

You can support our Spay & Neuter campaign by playing our BU Doggo Lotto at £2 a number!  You can win up to $450 and this raises much needed funds for this all important campaign, it's the heart of what we do.


Often kittens are drowned at birth, pups are driven out & taken to shelters or just abandoned as the owners do not have the means or money to home them. Often no one wants females as they are at risk with pups.


The Spay & Neuter project offers a lifeline to them as we are giving them access to vets & another alternative....very like the UK' s PDSA, with free neutering & spaying. It's proven that in areas this is being done reduction of street animals has been seen.

We have come a long way since we started in 2016 with just 1 vet, 1 pop up clinic and a rented room. We were only able to spay/neuter 10 animals a month and harsh though it seemed, there was no other option other than outdoor recovery.

Thanks to public donations during the past 3 years, we now work with 8 clinics in 8 locations, with 7 vets and one graduate vet.  All of the animals we treat recover indoors, and we also run a fetch and return service on our rural clinic.


You can also help keep our Spay & Neuter campaign going by clicking the DONATE button above


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