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The safety of our cats and dogs is of paramount importance to us, as we care a great deal about the welfare of all the animals we rescue.


So many of them have endured hardship or bad treatment while on the streets, that we want to ensure that they go to good, loving homes and will be happy and well cared for for the rest of their lives. Before we let any animal leave us, we need the adopter to satisfy us that they are capable of providing the level of care we would expect them to receive.  Therefore all new owners, before collecting their chosen pet, are required to sign an agreement to this effect.

It is important that you read, understand and agree to act within the applicable policy if you want to adopt one of our animals. Please also read the FAQ on adoption which will answer many of the questions you might have at this stage. 

Privacy Statement: 

I understand that by completing this form, Balkan Underdogs will process my information. Should my application be considered, the details supplied will be passed to the Animal Team (Registered Charity 1167277) or volunteer organisation Millies Mutts to enable a home checker to contact me and arrange a convenient time to visit my home address. If my application is unsuccessful no personal information will be held by Balkan Underdogs or shared to the Animal Team/Millies Mutts.

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Covid-19 Update: Please read 

Hello and many thanks for considering an application with us

The transportation of our cats and dogs is also on hold at the moment, but you can reserve a dog subject to a homecheck. Chats can also be set up with rescuers for updates whilst you await their transport to the UK.  Please be aware that the borders have now opened, but there is a backlog and transport is likely to be at least 7 months wait from the date of a successful home check. With this in mind, there will be no travel during lockdown.


It is also worth remembering that as many people are facing lock down, charities across the UK have seen a surge in the number of people expressing an interest in adopting. Although adopting a foreign rescue is very rewarding,  many people don't realise the commitment that's involved which will still need to be respected when the situation improves and things eventually get back to normal- i.e. many of us will be going back to work.

Please also ensure that you have read and are happy with our adoption process for either the cat or the dog, as well as our FAQ , including costs for adoption and consider any ongoing costs of owning a pet. We also highly recommend insurance.


The links below are a useful and essential read to decide if foreign rescue is for you. Please make sure you have done some research on foreign rescue prior to your homecheck, including considering working with possible separation anxiety and other issues common with rescue. Foreign rescue is not for everyone and you should consider the time you have available, your work commitments and family circumstances prior to embarking on this journey.

Take a look at Nick Benger's advice about acclimatising a foreign rescue here. 

The Dogs POV also has some essential reading on what to expect when adopting a foreign rescue. 

You are also encouraged to join our Facebook Group where you can ask us directly about any concerns or a particular cat/dog that you are interested in.  We also have a very valuable online community on Facebook that give lots of support. Otherwise, you are welcome to simply email us here with any questions. 


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