Make a long lasting difference

Sponsorship is not only very rewarding, but allows us to help as many cats and dogs as we can. It's a great way to help if you aren't able to adopt a dog, and you'll receive regular updates from our team. 

Our dogs are kept in in two types of residencies. These are:

The Pound -a government facility with large pens and limited exercise.  This is limited to dogs only.


Some of the  dogs in the pound are kept in separate enclosures, and  this requires £25 a month each- the money raised goes towards all the dogs in the pound to increase their daily food and make sure there are sufficient vaccines, flea and worm treatments and some basic medical care when required. Also check out our Pound Appeal here


The Pension: Some of our dogs are  lucky enough to be moved to private pension, which is a small enclosure with some access to exercise and regular health checks.  This is by far the more expensive residency and we need to have their monthly upkeep paid for.

Sponsorship of a dog in pension varies from around 40 euro (£36 a month) up to 70 euro (£65 a month) and they get much better one to one care than hey would in the pound.


You can also part sponsor a dog, which means a monthly sponsorship of whatever is affordable to you- it's a very rewarding experience and you will be able to follow your sponsored dogs journey with us through our Facebook page.

Get in touch here to find out more about sponsoring, and which dogs are looking for help

The video below shows some of our dogs atone of our pensions.