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How you can help

Balkan Underdogs is a none-profit charity that relies solely on public donations to carry out vital work. There is no animal welfare legislation in the Balkans, so sadly our cats and dogs are up against many dangers. You can help us with a one-off donation, or by sponsoring one of our many cats and dogs to ensure we can help them keep sheltered, clean, fed and receive the medical attention they need before we can find them a permanent home.  You can make a one off donation by clicking the button below. 

At Balkan Underdogs we do more than just help street animals, we also try and solve the situation through our projects.  We are proud to run the very successful Spay and Neuter Project which is the largest of its kind in the Balkans, and prevents cats and dogs being born into a life of misery, starvation, injury, disease and abuse. However this requires a constant flow of finances which is always a struggle. Your donations make an enormous difference. 

Pensions and fosters are limited, so to increase the amount of dogs we can help, we also run the Pound Project which means we support a number of dogs being kept in the pound. We use your vital donations to buy bedding, food, medical supplies and kennels and straw for shelters which is desperately needed in the scorching summers of Serbia, and sub-zero temperatures of winter.  If you can help by purchasing one of these items from our wish list, you would be making an amazing change to the lives of many dogs in the pound. 

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