Winter in Serbia is HARSH.

Dogs and cats die frozen to the ground, hungry.


Last year we supplied wooden houses for the pound and food and straw for the street dogs. We have started by installing feeding troughs in the rest of the kennels at the pound already.


This year we are being PROACTIVE to make sure we go into winter with the food available. We will be providing heavy plastic sheets to cover the sides of the pound and insulate the dogs as much as possible. We are concentrating on the pound, street dogs and assisting those local people in remote areas who live on next to nothing themselves to provide food for the street dogs and keep them sheltered.

Below is a list of items that we desperately need to keep these dogs alive.

It costs £2 for a bale of straw which will literally save a dogs life; £1 for eggs which will keep a dog alive with the protein and fat; £10 for a plastic dog bed to keep them off the ground; £25 for a bag of food because they can't scavenge for food when the ground is frozen. We have rescuers who get up at the crack of dawn even in winter to feed the dogs on the street, the mountains, forests and parks.


 Please share our campaign with people you know. We can also provide you with posters to put up in your office, vets, or pet shop. Please get in touch and we will send these to you. 


About the Pound Appeal

Many of the dogs we rescue come from a government pound that BU support financially. The support that we provide means that the pound have agreed to work with us, and allow us to  provide medical treatment and re-home the dogs.  We supply food, vaccines, worming, flea treatments and urgent medical care as our finances allow.  However, many dogs are still at high risk of disease, hunger and injury, or even death from dog fights.  Our pound supporters allow BU to provide as much assistance as we possibly can to ensure every dog gets a chance at survival.


We rely 100% on public donations to help the pound dogs.

If you can help by sponsoring a dog, get in touch. Otherwise please help us by purchasing a small item from our wish list below.


Our wish list is made up of items needed to help our poundies.
Your donation will make an immediate and long lasting difference for our Winter Appeal project. If you would like to purchase an item on our wish list, please click the 'Donate' button and type the item into the message box.  


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