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Female, medium in size.


A hound mix, approx 8 years old (April 2024).


Good with people, children, other dogs and cats. Her best friend is Benson.


  • Meet Sally

    Super Sally appeared on the street in a small Serbian town sometime at the end of 2016, and in 2017 she passed through the city's spaying program. From then until December 2021, she was the city's favourite dog. Everyone loved her but sadly, no one loved her enough to take her home...

    She socialised with adults, children, dogs and cats on the street and was good with everyone. She had her regular caregivers and everything seemed fine and set to continue that way and she was not in any danger.


    Unfortunately, one day she disappeared. People looked for her everywhere and eventually found her in a town 45 km away. It was clear that someone had purposely driven her away and left her there.


    Our rescuers went to get her and found her a safe place in pension where she has been since the start of 2022 so she is definitely ready for a new home and family of her own.


    Sally is a good dog of medium size who gets along well with other dogs and loves a cuddle from humans, including children. From photos of her life on the street it can be seen that she is fine with cats and one of the rescuers had also confirmed that.


    She has found a handsome friend at the pound, Benson, who is also available for adoption...imagine if they could stay together! You can see him in the video. 


    Sally is vaccinated and ready for her own home.


    All our dogs are tested for the following prior to travel: Heartworm, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis (since 11th June 2021).


    Rescue back up for life


    If you are interested in adopting Sally  please register your interest here or contact us for more information.

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