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Tracy is around 2 years old.


She was rescued while pregnant and is now spayed.


She is gentle and affectionate.

  • About

    Tracy turned up pregnant in one of our rescuer's neighbourhood. She gave birth to 7 kittens in one of the buildings. The people who lived there got rid of her, forced to go to the street with them. The result was 4 kittens unfortunately died, 3 kittens were taken in by a neighbour. Tracy was then left alone on the street.


    Our rescuer decided that Tracy deserved her chance and as soon as she had room she went looking for Tracy and with the help of others found her and took her in. Tracy is very gentle and affectionate and we believe she definitely had a home at some point. She seems comfortable with children and dogs and likes to be the boss with other cats.


    Tracy has been tested for FIV and FeLV and is spayed /chipped and fully vaccinated. She comes with full rescue back up.


    If you are interested in adopting Tracy please register your interest here or contact us for more information.

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