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Large Male


7 years old (May 2024)


Good with people,  children  and other dogs.

  • Meet Leon

    Leon was abandoned and thrown out on the street as a young dog. During that time, he changed his location several times. Sometime in the middle of the summer 2021 with two other dogs (Rudy and Noel), he stayed at a location in the centre of town and around the school yard.  He was trying to get attention from people and children around him.

    Unfortunately there was no possibility to set up a shelter for them at that location and with winter approaching our lovely rescuer was concerned how they would survive and approached us for help.  Leon is now safe in pension and looking for his forever home.


    He is a very cheerful dog and extremely smart. He loves people and gets along well with other dogs.  He weighs about 25 kg and likes to run and jump, so a home with active family members would suit him.  He loves children and is very happy to play with them, but because of his size we would recommend a home where children over 10 years old live.


    All our dogs are tested for the following prior to travel: Heartworm, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis (since 11th June 2021).


    Rescue back up for life


    If you are interested in adopting Leon please register your interest here or contact us for more information.

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