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About 2 years old - lovely male cat. 


Very affectionate with adults and loves a cuddle.


He is neutered and vaccinated, ready to find his way to his forever home.

  • About

    Sinbad is a lovely young boy looking for a home.  Unfortunately his owner passed away and he was left in our rescuer's garden to be cared for.  He is a very cuddly and affectionate boy.


    He is fine with other cats but hasn't been around dogs or children.  He is very affectionate with adults though and loves a cuddle.  He was probably well loved before his owner passed away as he is so good with hoomans. 


    He would love to find his forever hoomans and home - he has told us he wants to give them lots of fuss and head bumps.  He would be ideal as an indoor cat but could also maybe have secure garden access of a outdoor access in a very quiet area.  He is not very confident or keen outside at the moment but will venture into the secure garden area.


    Rescue back up for life - Registered Charity SC045210


    If you are interested in adopting the super cuddly Sinbad please register your interest here or contact us for more information.

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