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Why I love dogs

With the recent on and off closure of schools, our children have not been able to spend as much time with their friends as they would like, and it's easy to feel like they might be missing out. But those of us with pets at home know that our furry family members can play a vital role in keeping our youngsters occupied, and for some, being homebound has strengthened the bond between family and pet for both children and adults alike. This week, Treacle the Syrian hamster from Weston-Super-Mare was awarded a Blue Peter badge for the support and joy he brought his owner who has autism. Those of us from the UK will know, Blue Peter badges are very hard to come by!

So we would like you to meet Sam Bradley, aged 8, from Scotland, one of our most favourite people on the planet. Sam absolutely loves dogs and wants to do all he can to help! He's a real hero, and makes us all feel really proud that good people are out there helping in whatever way they can, to make sure no dogs suffer. We were so impressed by Sam's kindness, dedication, and love for his dog Scout, that we asked him to tell us why he loved dogs so much, and what he thought about dog rescue.

Why I love dogs,

I really love dogs because they are nice and fluffy to hug. I love their snouts. Dogs are always really happy to see me and I am happy to see them. I have a dog who is very cute. Her name is Scout. She is a very lucky dog. She has lots of toys and treats.

I know that all dogs are not as lucky as scout and that’s why I donated some of my pocket money. I would like to work with dogs in the future because I will get lots of hugs and laughs with them. The fact they are not as lucky Scout and that makes me upset.

I like looking at the Balkan underdogs Facebook page with my mum. I hope they all get great homes.

By Sam Bradley, (aged 8, Scotland)

Assistant Treasurer, Caroline Blower (Trustee) has a special message for Sam: "We were so grateful to receive this lovely donation from Sam. It’s brilliant to see young people who voluntarily want to help these beautiful creatures. Thank you so much Sam, the money will be spent on food for the dogs and cats living on the street".

Sam, we want to send you a BIG THANK YOU from all the dogs at Balkan Underdogs! Their tails are wagging!


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