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Dog adoption agreement

One of our rescuers kisses a tanned dog on the head. The dog as a red bandage around his front paw.

As with any responsible charity, we have an agreement in place which ensures the safety of all the animals we rescue upon adoption. 

Our post-adoption team will support you during the first few months of your adoption, and will continue to check in periodically to ensure you are fully supported where needed.


The following clauses must be agreed to prior to the adoption of any of our dogs: ​

  • Ensure the dog lives inside the home as a family pet and will exercise diligent care to ensure the safe integration of the dog into my household and environment.

  • I will not leave the dog unattended with any child under the age of 10 years.

  • If the dog is not already neutered, I will ensure that neutering is carried out as soon as possible by a qualified veterinary surgeon unless there are veterinary or age related reasons why the dog should not be neutered. I will provide evidence of neutering to Balkan Underdogs.

  • To discuss with Balkan Underdogs before making MAJOR decisions severely affecting the health and welfare of the dog. In the case of an emergency, to inform Balkan Underdogs (please see Trustee contact details listed below) as soon as reasonably practicable after veterinary treatment.


  • I will advise BU of any vet recommendation for PTS BEFORE this is actioned unless this is an extreme emergency to alleviate animal suffering and one of the trustees has been notified by phone call or message.


  • Balkan Underdogs reserve the right, approximately one week after the dog’s arrival, to contact the veterinary practice at which the dog is registered to introduce Balkan Underdogs as the dog’s rescuing charity, confirm our continuing commitment to the health and wellbeing of the dog, and re-iterate the requirement for Balkan Underdogs to be informed of any MAJOR decisions affecting the continued health and wellbeing of the dog. 


  • Not allow the dog to be used for breeding or stud purposes.


  • Feed, house and care for the dog in accordance with the requirements of the Animal Welfare Act 2006 and to the satisfaction of Balkan Underdogs. I will never keep the dog tethered or chained.

  • Be responsible for the welfare of the dog at all times and will not cause or permit anyone else to cause the dog unnecessary suffering.


  • To allow Balkan Underdogs to visit my home to check on the welfare of the dog.


  • Not allow the dog to be used for hunting purposes, for any form of experimentation, for stage purposes or for any form of criminal activity.


  • Obtain treatment from a qualified veterinary surgeon in all cases of injury or illness and ensure the dog receives appropriate regular veterinary health care.


  • Notify the dog warden, the police and Balkan Underdogs in the event that the dog is stolen or goes missing.


  • Keep the micro-chip details current and update with new contact details where applicable. I will also inform Balkan Underdogs of any change of address or contact details.


  • Ensure that the dog wears a collar and name tag showing my name and address.


  • Ensure that for the first two weeks the dog will be kept on a lead when in a public place. Thereafter, I will only let the dog off the lead if I am certain it is safe to do so. Should the dog show any signs of aggression to people or other animals I will always keep the dog on a lead and muzzled in public and will seek the advice of a suitably qualified canine behaviourist.


  • If the dog is a puppy, I will keep the dog away from other animals, or places frequented by other animals, until its vaccinations are fully effective.


  • Not to sell or part with ownership or possession of the dog. If I am unable to keep the dog for any reason, I will return it to Balkan Underdogs in accordance with the Rescue Backup Policy

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