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Pound Project

Our Pound Project is fundamental in our mission to improve animal welfare in Serbia.


The Government pounds are bursting at the seams with dogs that will never be lucky enough to find a home. The funds given to the pounds by their municipalities are rarely sufficient to feed all of the dogs. Thin, emaciated and sick dogs can often be seen in most Government pounds.

Our Pound Project ensures that these dogs are given top up food each week by our rescuers. We currently take in food on a weekly basis to two facilities and provide food support to a third Government pound regularly.

In addition to the top up food, our Pound Project concentrates on building relationships with pound managers and owners to enable us to provide vaccines and urgent medical care to the dogs in the shelter where possible. Basics such as flea, tic and worming are not supplied by the municipality, so again Balkan Underdogs supply this across the three pounds where our funds allow.

Our Pound Project really is vital but support for this is low, and if we are to continue to supply this aid, we need to be shouting louder about the positive effect this project has to the lives of those dogs left behind.

Balkan Underdogs are lucky to be able to re-home many dogs from these Government facilities, however for each dog re-homed, another three or four replace them. Those living in the pound deserve to be fed, protected from disease and live comfortably in a good standard of environment - that is our ultimate goal.

Creating happier days for Serbian strays is not just about re-homing, it’s about tackling the issues out in Serbia and helping to improve their animal welfare from the ground, educating their society on the benefits of responsible dog and cat ownership, providing spay and neuter for free, or at a reduced cost for locals, and challenging shelters that are sub standard with an offer to help them improve. It’s about looking at the bigger picture and being prepared to take on the wider issues. Balkan Underdogs are committed to this challenge.


What is a Pound Sponsor?

Be becoming a Pound Sponsor your monthly donation allows us to prepare pound dogs for travel and all of their testing requirements, vaccines and medical care. This enables Balkan Underdogs to promote some of these dogs for homes in the UK. The sponsorship also goes towards the top up food to the pounds we support weekly, along with urgent medical fees.

What is a Pound Pal?

By becoming a Pound Pal you are donating towards the hundreds of vaccines we supply a year to shelter dogs along with flea, tick and worming preventative treatment.

If you would like to support our Pound Project by becoming a regular Pound Sponsor or a Pound Pal, please contact us and we will be more than happy to share with you why we are so passionate about this campaign.

You can, of course, make a one off donation via the donate button at the top of every page, or directly to our bank account.

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