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Our  Spay & Neuter Campaign is the biggest of its kind in the Balkans... but there is still a long way to go. 

Animal abuse and neglect is rife, but there are many animal lovers who are desperate for help. These are ordinary people who want to make a difference, but have little money. Many kittens are drowned at birth, and pups are taken to shelters or abandoned. No one wants females as they are at risk of pregnancy.


The Spay & Neuter Campaign offers a lifeline to locals as we provide access to clinics with free neutering & spaying. We have proven that our campaign has made a significant difference to the number of strays being born into a life of neglect, abuse and danger.

Its not enough to simply rescue cats and dogs from a harsh and dangerous life on the streets. 

We target the problem at its core through our Spay & Neuter Campaign to prevent cats and dogs being born into a life of danger. 

You can support our Spay & Neuter campaign by using the DONATE button below. 

You can also play our BU Doggo Lotto at £2 a number, and be in with a chance to win up to £700!

Spay & Neuter Campaign is at the heart of what we do

Since opening our first clinic in 2016, the Spay & Neuter Campaign has operated on over 3000 cats and dogs to date (Summer 2022) and is ongoing. 

Although these numbers are getting stronger every year, it's still not enough to prevent many lives being born onto the streets with their harsh Serbian summers and winters. We need YOUR help to target the problem at it's core! 

Our licensed Doggo Lotto plays an integral part in fundraising for the S&N Campaign and you can win big monetary prizes for yourself too, as the pot is split between the project and the winner. Click here to play for a great cause!

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