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Traditions with your furry friends

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

Hello everyone from Evie and Tracey. Well 2022 is whizzing away and we are now hurtling to Christmas with all the trimmings. We thought it would be fun to share some festive traditions from us and other BU doggos and their hoomans. So here we go!

Leading up to the big day

Take your doggo to see Santa Paws

We go with our little people so why not take our furry friends along to places that will allow. Many pet stores have free events where pets can go and have their picture taken with “Santa Paws”. Or why not take them to a garden centre where Santa is visiting – many will let you visit together.

Make or buy Christmas ornaments

Whether you make Christmas ornaments or buy them they are a great dog-friendly Christmas tradition to start in your family. I buy things for Evie each year and obviously, she loves them. Try making yours with treats, dog-friendly toys, photos, glass ornaments, twine, cardboard, and clay.

Bake Christmas cookies

Dog-friendly cookies are great anytime of the year but there are lots of Christmas recipes that your doggo friend will love. Some of them people can enjoy too! You can experiment with things such as cranberries, blueberries, coconut, sweet potatoes, peanut butter, honey, oats, and flour, they are all dog friendly.

Christmas tree fun

If you haven’t yet, start off the week leading up to Christmas by decorating the tree with your pets. As we know most cats find trees just too good not to investigate, and all you furry friends will love ‘helping’ you with the decorations. And my cats also love to try and guess what I have bought people by chewing through wrapping paper if I don’t watch them……but it’s their Christmas as well!

Give out cards and presents on your walk

Cards from both of you to other furry friends and their hoomans is always a good way to make people smile. And you could even give them some festive poo bags…..yes folks those are in the shops and Evie and I have our supplies which we have been giving out on our snowy, frosty walks.

The night before

Hang them a stocking

You already hang stockings for little people so why would you not do the same for your furry friends. Fill it with bags of treats, small toys, tennis balls, squeaky toys, and anything else you think they might like. Just make sure you keep it out of their reach until Christmas Day otherwise the temptation for them to investigate and unwrap might be too much.

The big day

Christmas jumpers, headgear or bandanas

Whether you have got your friend a Christmas jumper as that is what the rest of the family wear or a hat or headgear for around the Christmas table, they will love it. As you can see Evie is always happy and full of Christmas cheer in her jumper, headdress and bandana.

Christmas dinner

Many of you have told Evie and I that you do this……and why not, it is Christmas. A little something that you know your dog will like and be ok with. You don’t want upset tummies over the holiday period.

Opening presents

If you have all been good Santa will have visited you and opening them together is so much fun. Furry ones can help with the wrapping paper, make sure the boxes were the right size to use by sitting in them and eat the bows and ribbons.

Watch a Christmas movie

….and fall asleep in front of it together. Well, that is what Christmas is for, relaxing.

Here are few suggestions for us pet lovers:

  • The Search for Santa Paws

  • The Nine Lives of Christmas

  • Santa Claws

  • 12 Dog Days till Christmas

  • Beethoven's Christmas Adventure

Family photos with your furry friends

You’ve taken all your photos of the summer, pictures of the family in the park in Autumn. Now is the time for that family portrait to commemorate the holiday season, so why not include your furry friends this year? Take a nice mix of serious and silly photos during the big day. Get creative and use props, different outfits, and accessories, and play around with different settings. You can even turn them into holiday greeting cards for next year — that's a dog-friendly Christmas tradition that will last a lifetime!

Boxing day

A walk to burn off those Christmas calories

With the present unwrapping done, the Christmas meal eaten, lots of sweets and Christmas puddings filling up your tummies, it’s time to have a nice long walk. We like our local park where Evie can try to find squirrels and have a run around the secure part.

Visit friends

Why not go and see people you didn’t on Christmas day or before. Your furries will love getting more hugs, cuddles and treats.

So, these are just a few things that you can try as traditions with your furry friends. We hope you all enjoy your Christmas and New Year’s, and thank you as always for all your support during 2022.

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