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Why adopt a senior dog!

Updated: Sep 28, 2023

You can teach an old dog new tricks!

When you have come to the decision that you really do want a dog in your life, how do you choose which dog is right for you? One of the most important questions to ask yourself (and the family if this applies) is how much energy do I think I can work with?

In this post we want to draw your attention to our often overlooked senior pups.

It's very normal to get excited about owning a new dog and we might imagine we will be out there running through the fields of barley, and frolicking in the soft sun. But the reality of life is quite different- we may not actually have the active lifestyle that allows for long walks everyday, for whatever reason. We may be older humans ourselves. Adopting any dog does require some level of activity, they will need to be walked every day no matter what, so it is important that you choose an dog which has an energy that you can meet, and our adoption team will be helping you do this.

Some older dogs won't be suitable for long hikes or daily runs- and some owners aren't cut out for that either (yours truly included!) So, if this sounds like you, then adopting an older dog might be a good option. We have listed ten reasons why adopting an older dog is just brilliant. But do note, there are hundreds of reasons more- we just wanted to keep this succinct!

Less exercise required - Older dogs can be less energetic and will probably want to sleep more. They might prefer more frequent short walks, rather than big long hikes. keep an eye on stiff joints in the morning, and you may need to think about ramps for larger breeds if they can't navigate stairs on get into the car.

But they can still have energy! Don't assume just because they are older, that they won't want that big weekly walk, or won't want to bounce about at the seaside! They will still get the zoomies too!

Mental stimulation- You can teach an old dog new tricks! An older dog will still require lots of play and mental stimulation, especially if they are not as active anymore. This is great if you have a family that are keen to get involved with training, and as they say-healthy mind healthy body! So you will be really contributing to your pups good health by being mentally involved.

Manners- Older dogs tend to have better manners than their younger and inexperienced buddies. They have a wealth of experience behind them, and can often make great puppy-sitters and teachers for younger, less experienced dogs.

Professional cuddles- Older dogs tend to love a cuddle- they are big softies!

Chewing etc- Older dogs have their puppyhood behind them. They are less likely to engage in chewing, barking and other behaviours that can be the result of under stimulation or plain old puppy energy!

You will be doing something amazing- I mean, wow. Older pupstars are overlooked too often, which is incredibly sad. They are good dogs, who for whatever reason have lost their owners or have been abandoned and have done nothing wrong. They may be in the later stages of life, but it is so important that they get to spend that in a warm home filled with love. They will be grateful, and you will be doing something very very special. It takes a real special person to adopt an older dog, you will be filling their heart with safety and love, and understand that in return you may not be receiving years of their presence. But that's ok. It's about doing something beautiful.

They fit in easier- Older dogs tend to assimilate into new home much faster than younger dogs. They probably already have experience of a home, and have established personalities, which also means you know what you are getting!

You know what you're going to get! A senior pup is fully grown! You don't have to worry about whether they will get too big, whether your flat will be too small, etc. They are exactly the perfect size.

An older dog will save you as much as you will be saving them. This is the truest thing we will ever tell you. With all their experience, older dogs have learned to read humans. They will gaze at you with their eyes full of the depths of their experience, full of love, and complete and utter acceptance of you and all of your faults and strengths. They are grateful, full of sensitivity and the wisdom of their years.

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