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Lovely happy boy who loves to play


Around 5 years old


Small in size


House-trained and walks well on lead already!

  • Meet Nero

    This handsome little man is Nero.


    Nero is around 5 years old, neutered and vaccinated.

    Nero is living in a home with other dogs who he gets along fine with. He’s also living with a cat but he’s prone to chasing so probably better if there are no cats or a very dog hardy one.

    He's a playful chap who loves to run and explore so an active household would suit him best.

    Nero is clean in the house, walks lovely on a lead already so he’s ready to go, although some  "accidents" are still possible during the settling in period so he should be allowed to decompress in his own time. Even though he walks well on a lead, our usual precautions should still be taken during the first few weeks  to ensure his safety (double lead/slip lead / harness etc).


    If you’re looking for a little chum to go on adventures with Nero is your guy!


    All our dogs are tested for the following prior to travel: Heartworm, Anaplasmosis, Erlichiosis, Lyme Disease, Brucellosis (since 11th June 2021).

    Rescue back up for life


    If you are interested in adopting Nero please register your interest here or contact us for more information.

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